On the Issues


Craig’s message is simple: Shut the Border down until Trump’s wall is Complete. 

Craig believes that fixing our issues at home starts with securing our borders. The influx of illegal immigrants is a matter of national security that must be addressed, as he has seen firsthand when touring our southern border. When elected to Congress, he will fight to secure funding to complete President Trump’s border wall, ensure that our law enforcement is adequately funded and equipped to do their jobs in keeping Americans safe and advocate for policies to strengthen our borders and eliminate the constant flow of illegal immigrants.

Traditional American Values

Craig is a family man and a man of faith who values family and community. He strongly supports pro-life, religious freedom, and the Second Amendment. Craig believes in the foundation of Judeo-Christian values in America, where rights come from God and not from the government. He is committed to fighting for these values in Washington and protecting the family values we hold near and dear to our hearts.

2nd Amendment

Craig is a fierce defender of the Second Amendment and understands that the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to our individual freedom. He knows that responsible gun ownership is crucial to protecting our families and loved ones, and he is committed to ensuring that our Second Amendment rights are never violated in Washington. Whether it’s in rural communities or urban areas, Craig knows that the Second Amendment is critical to keeping us safe and secure. As your representative, Craig will fight tirelessly to protect our Second Amendment rights and promote public safety for all.


As someone who has spent 27 years as a civil engineer in the steel industry, Craig knows firsthand how job creation and economic expansion can positively impact Ohio. He believes Washington needs to focus on policies that encourage growth and investment.

Under the Trump administration, our economy reached unprecedented heights, partly due to the government getting out of the way and allowing businesses to thrive. Unfortunately, the current administration’s policies have left the American economy stagnating, with slow job growth and crushing inflation leading to decreased wages.

In Washington, Craig will bring his private sector experience and knowledge to the table, just as he did in the Ohio Statehouse. He will work to lower taxes, reduce regulations, and expand incentives for businesses, so they can continue to create good-paying jobs. Additionally, Craig will fight back against runaway inflation caused by tax and spending agendas and work to restore the booming economy we experienced under the Trump administration. With these policies in place, we can make a brighter future for all Ohioans.

Energy Independence

Craig’s vision for energy independence in the United States is comprehensive and strategic, recognizing that we must explore all available options to secure a reliable and affordable energy supply. His “all above” approach includes utilizing diverse sources such as the Keystone pipeline, fracking, drilling, nuclear, and other alternative resources. This will achieve energy independence and strengthen national security while reducing dependence on foreign resources.


As a parent, Craig understands the importance of parental involvement in schools. He believes that parents should have a say in their children’s education and should be able to make decisions about their children’s schooling. Craig is against the controversial Critical Race Theory (CRT) taught in schools. He believes it promotes divisive and harmful ideas that do not belong in the classroom. Instead, he thinks education should focus on providing a solid academic foundation and preparing students for success in the real world.

Craig realizes the importance of school choice, which allows parents to choose the best educational option for their children. He believes that all children deserve access to a high-quality education, regardless of their background or zip code. Promoting school choice will empower parents to make the best decisions for their children’s education, leading to improved academic outcomes and more excellent opportunities for success.

Backing the Blue

Craig believes law enforcement is essential to protecting our communities and strongly supports our police officers. He understands the sacrifices that police officers make daily to keep us safe and believes they deserve our respect and support.

In contrast to calls to defund the police, Craig believes that we should invest in law enforcement and provide them with the resources they need to do their jobs successfully and effectively. He understands that funding is necessary to ensure that police officers have the training, equipment, and personnel to respond to emergencies and maintain public safety.

Spending in D.C.

Craig believes that Washington’s spending is out of control. He is concerned about the increasing national debt. He realizes it is essential to reduce government spending to protect our country’s financial future. Craig is committed to reducing government waste, lowering taxes, and promoting policies encouraging economic growth and fiscal responsibility. He believes addressing these issues can ensure a brighter future for our country and for generations to come.

Stopping the Radical Left

Craig opposes the radical agenda of Joe Biden and the Democrats, which he considers the most extreme in American history. He will fight against their policies that have resulted in the southern border crisis, high inflation rates, and woke policies. Craig is committed to ending Biden’s tax and spending policies and cracking down on illegal immigration. Unlike those on the Left who demand social media platforms silence conservatives, Craig is a steadfast supporter of freedom of speech and knows the threat big tech censorship poses. He also supports a conservative, America-first agenda that prioritizes Ohioans’ well-being and will protect election integrity while opposing corruption.

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